The Center of the Earth is a black hole

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Imagine you have a bunch of pieces of matter, like on top. Then over time they get pulled together and they become a black hole. Well, if a black hole happened to land into an area full of big chunks of matter that were hard to compress, it might result in something that looks a lot like the earth. As the gravity of the black hole sucks in tiny pieces of matter, it releases radiation that liquefies the rock. On the far reaches of the rock, the energy from the black hole is small and a crust forms. The black hole is extremely dense and it accounts for a significant amount of matter that we previously were not considering. This could partially explain the “massive problem” heh heh, just a pun there, of Dark Matter. This could also call into question some of our current understandings of astronomy and the origins of black holes.
The top if a picture of the earth. At the center I put a little dot, that is the black hole. Small amounts of matter are constantly falling towards the black hole and making a ton of radiation. That radiation shoots into the surrounding rock and gets it so hot that it melts. At the bottom I show a more simplified diagram: Earth = Black Hole + stuff surrounding it


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2 thoughts on “The Center of the Earth is a black hole

  1. Wouldn’t our gravitational pull be much greater & matter still be pulled in? I’m assuming it a micro black hole….Are you saying it has reached a form of equilibrium?


    1. perhaps there is a tiny black hole surrounded by a very dense and structurally sound “crown”. If the distance from the black hole to the crown were large enough, the pull of matter inwards would not be too strong and only small bits of matter would fall inwards over time. Eventually consuming the entire planet after a very long time. It would make the mass of the earth much higher. Physicists are currently searching for “missing matter”


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