A way to stop cars faster, using only software!

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On top by the number 5 you see a car with some rubber peeled onto the pavement. They tried to stop so hard that the rubber from the tire left a mark on the ground. I was sitting around thinking about this time my brother Robert was driving a car like 4 years ago. Someone slammed on the breaks in front of him and so he hit the breaks really fast. At the same time, he moved the wheel left and right. Moving the wheel left and right increases the distance that the car will drive by making the path less straight. Increasing the distance will allow for more friction to be imparted upon the car. More friction == move slower.

If the software controlling the car breaks also made the wheels of the car move back and forth rapidly, the car could stop a lot faster and also a lot safer by distributing forces in more directions.


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3 thoughts on “A way to stop cars faster, using only software!

  1. Okay, but we need to detach the steering wheel from the gear, otherwise you would seriouly injury the driver’s wrists.
    But even if we did that, we need to consider the environment: cars around us or say we are next to a cliff ??
    I like your site !


    1. The wheel could turn back and forth at an extremely high frequency. This would allow it to travel the largest path with the smallest deviation to the driving course. Thanks!


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